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Personal and Family Insurance 

Life Insurance

Every day we face a range of risks that we don't like to think about however if the unexpected happens it is comforting to know that your Life Insurance will provide maxiumum financial security for your loved ones. 

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Insurance is a great product.  It provides cover if you are unable to pay your monthly mortgage payments due to you having an accident or illness.  Its also extremely good value.  

Income Protection 

Your ability to earn an income is probably the greatest asset you own.  Most people don't hesistate to insure your house, car or contents but give little thought to insuring the very thing that pays for all those things!  Your income over your lifetime can literally be over a $1 Million dollars so it makes sense to insure it. 

Health Insurance

Health Insurance provides you cover for unexpected health scares,  surgical costs and to see a specialist if you fall sick.  The biggest advantage is being able to decide when you want surgery and not to having to rely on the public health system.    


Serious Illness 

If you suffer a serious health condition this policy will pay a lump sum payment on diagnosis of the condition.  It is also known as Trauma Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Living Assurance and Progressive Care just to prove the insurance industry is very good at using jargon!

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