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1. Dedicated Broker

You will get a dedicated broker who's only job is to look after you.  One Call.  One Person to look after all your needs.    

3.  Premium Costings 

5. It's Easy 

A committment to you to make sure your insurance costs are as compettive as possible (but always      

balancing the need for the right amount of cover) 




2. Claims Service

Not all claims can be plain sailing and as such we have a

Claims Review Committee.  Senior advisers pool their expertise

to take on what  we  believe to be incorrect claims decisions or

claims that fall into a grey area.  The advocacy and    

strength of the group are available to all our clients.  

4. We work for YOU!

We are not aligned to any one company.  We will provide you with a tailored insurance programme designed expecially for you.  We will then canvas the market on your behalf to ensure that you are getting the best possible value.

We like to take the hassle of insurance away from you, so you can just set and forget.  Get us working for you, to save you time and money


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