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Serious Illness Insurance

What would your life be like if you became seriously ill or had a major health scare?


There would be many uncertainties that none of us would want to be faced with, for example, will I survive this illness?  How will I pay the mortgage?  Am I getting the best treatment possible? How will my family cope?Trauma Cover gives you the financial freedom to make your own choices, at a time when your health has been seriously affected and you may have to rethink your future. 


What is Trauma Insurance?



Trauma Insurance is designed to pay you a substantial cash lump sum (determined by you) if you suffer from a range of critical illnesses including heart attack and cancer. The lump sum payment goes directly into you bank account and is yours to use as and when you choose, at your own discretion.  Trauma insurance is one of the most important, yet underused forms of insurance in New Zealand and, in most cases should be built into a long term insurance plan.   There are more claims for Trauma cover in New Zealand than any other form of insurance.   


Did you know that some trauma wordings provide better coverage than others?  Some insurance policies have better definitions for cancers that affect Women like breast cancer and are more likely to respond favorably in the event of claim. 



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Why do I need Trauma Cover for a critical illness?


Many people think about protecting their family in the event of death, but consider this:What would happen if you lived?   If you suffered a serious illness (such as cancer or a heart attack), there is an 80% chance you will live and survive through it. The financial cost of living with a serious illness is huge.   Current survival rates mean that most patients go on to make a full recovery and enjoy a good quality of life. However, making a full recovery can make a huge impact on your finances if you are not prepared.  


 Below are some examples of how a Trauma claim has helped some of our clients that have claimed:   


1. Assisting with the medical costs associated with recovery  

2. Seeking alternative medical treatment  

3. Paying for drugs that are not government funded  

4. Paying off the mortgage  

5. Subsidising lost income paying for rehabilitation and help/caregivers 

 6. Having Fun like an overseas Holiday with Family


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How much cover do I need and which is the best company to use?



Your cover must be affordable and reasonable, if you feel you are paying too much, you will begrudge the insurance and will be more likely to cancel the policy when you need it the most.  

There are many options available in the market place and each policy has different policy wording, New Zealand Financial Brokers works with most insurers in New Zealand and we will take the time to recommend the policy which covers your specific needs and also represents the best value for money

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