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Health insurance 

Can you afford not to have Health Insurance?


If you or a member of your family requires surgery or medical treatment, health insurance not only gives you the freedom to select the best specialists and the best hospitals, it generally ensures that you avoid a huge waiting list to receive essential medical treatment.   

This gives you greater certainty about the most important thing we need to protect, our health.



What types of medical insurance are available to me?


Hospital and surgical    

This covers you for larger expenses, including surgery and private hospital medical admission.     


Specialist cover    

This covers you for specialist consultations and a wide range of diagnostic tests that do not result in hospital admission (this can be added to hospital and surgical) 


G.P Cover    

Ideal for those seeking more frequent health care the G.P plan covers you for doctor and nurse visits as well as prescriptions.



Dental and optical  

This plan allows you to make regular trips to your dentist or optometrist. 


Non-Pharmac Drugs

This optional extension provides cover for Med-Safe Approved Drugs that are not currently funded by Pharmac.  Not all insurers offer this option but we believe it is worth the little bit of extra premium to have the cover.  


What health insurers does New Zealand Financial Brokers worth with?

We are brokers and that means we work for you. We work with what we believe is the top selection of highly rated New Zealand Health Insurers.  



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