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International Insurance Placements for New Zealand

International Insurance Placements

New Zealand Financial Brokers Limited are able to help facilitate local insurance placement in the New Zealand market for overseas insurance brokers who dont have a presence in New Zealand on behalf of their Global Clients who operate here.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge when placing risks on your clients behalf.

We work with a number of overseas insurance brokers that have global programmes when they need local represenation and / or help in placing cover locally.

Some of the services we offer and can help with are:

1. Help in complying with local leglislative and statutory requirements when operating and placing New Zealand insurance risks.

2. Full Insurance Broking Services

3. Wholesale Broking Services

4. Risk Management Advice

5. Earthquake Insurance

6. Claims Management Service

7. Point of contact for your client in NZ

We have helped a number of overseas brokers place insurance on their clients behalf in New Zealand.

We are happy to wholesale the insurance to you or we can operate as the point of contact here in New Zealand for any of your clients.

We are happy to work along side you in any capacity and we recongise the most important thing to you is protect your clients interest and your relationship with them. We are therefore happy to sign confidentially agreements and non-solicitiation agreements when working with you.

Please feel free to contact us for a confidential and no obligation discussion.

Damian Alexander - Director

New Zealand Financial Brokers Limited

Po Box 6199


Phone +64 4 385 8448

Mobile + 64 21 904 911


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